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The main goal of the 'Conservation and digitalisation of the pre-war feature films at the National Film Archive in Warsaw' project is securing the most precious film archives of the Polish cinematography from the first half of the 20th century.

Other goals include:

  • technical and staff preparations of the National Film Archive for digitalizing the movie archives, including:

           - supplying the National Film Archive studio with hardware for movie digitalisation

           - raising the competence level of specialists in conservation, restoration and digitalisation 

  • restoration and perpetual 43 movies from Polish cinematography from before World War II using digitalisation

           - obtaining digital material in DPX 4K files, HD and SD for 43 movies

           - creating copies of 43 movies on non-flammable 35 mm film

           - full reconstruction of 3 movies


  • establishing a full and common availability of early 20th century Polish cinematography resources

           - distribution of film materials within organizational structures and an integrated digital archive

           - allowing for exhibiting the most precious film archives using a dedicated web page




fot. Krzysztof Szymański

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