• Kraj: Polska
  • Rok produkcji: 1929
  • Premiera: 19 II 1929

Pomoc reżyserska
Pierwowzór literacki
dramat Stefana Żeromskiego
Diana-Film Poznań, Klio-Film

Obsada aktorska:

Stanisława Wysocka, Mieczysław Cybulski, Zofia Koreywo, Zorika Szymańska, Stefan Jaracz, Karol Benda, Bolesław Olechnowicz, Jerzy Kobusz, Tadeusz Fijewski
  • Treść

Rudomska is a landlady of a Łuży estate in the Eastern Borderlands. Her son Wiko is in love with Irena, his distant heir, who were raised in Łuży after both of her parents died. However, in accordance to her mother’s will, Wiko is engaged with Helena. Rudomska has a positive attitude towards her neighbour Olelkowicz, who wants to marry Irena. She warns him that her alumnus has no dowry. Irena, who does not want to have a conflict with her authoritarian aunt, accepts the proposal. In the day of the wedding, the surrounding lake floods. Wiko, blinded with jealousy, opens a dam and lets the water flood the neighbouring villages and fields. During the flood, Olelkowicz is killed.

Rudomska curses her son. Wiko moves with Irena to a small town. His friend Światobor seduces Irena, who flees with him to a remote part of the world.

The war outbreaks. Military mobilization is in process. Wiko loses an arm and a leg in the fight. Thanks to Helena’s tender care, he manages to regain strength. They come back together to Łuży. Rudomska has her son back with tears in her eyes. Soon afterwards, she is killed at the hands of the Bolsheviks. Wiko and Helena start a new life.

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