Strona główna / Baza filmów / Filmy / BARTEK ZWYCIĘZCA
  • Kraj: Polska
  • Rok produkcji: 1923
  • Premiera: 4 XI 1923

Tytuł angielski
Pierwowzór literacki
nowela Henryka Sienkiewicza
Poznańska Wytwórnia Filmowa

Obsada aktorska:

Władysław Pytlasiński, Roman Żelazowski, Eugenia Zasempianka, Stanisław Czapelski, Wacław Dolski, Bolesław Rosiński, Stefan Hnydziński
  • Treść

The action takes place in a tiny village called Pognębin under the Prussian Partition in the year 1870. After the outbreak of war between the French and the Germans, Polish peasants are drafted into the army. Bartek Słowik has words of farewell with his wife Magda and young son Franek. All the peasants has to stand the military commission. The new soldiers in the barracks practise the drill and say words of farewell to their relatives shortly before going on the front. While on the train, they find out about Germany’s win in the battle of Wissembourg, seeing captives, infirmed and wounded, that are transported to hospitals.

On August 18th 1870, the battle of Gravelotte takes place. The German army is commanded by gen. Frederick Steinmetz. The fight is fierce and bloody, but Bartek somehow manages to steal the enemy’s colours. The general, who sees his uncommon bravery, calls him and the whole regiment and asks: “Who won the battle today”? Bartek replies: “me”, and the amused general honours him with his own Iron Cross.

Meanwhile, Magda works hard on the farm. She receives a letter from Bartek, from which she acknowledges about his war efforts and honours. Just, the wealthiest German colonist, demands debts to be paid back. The miserable Magda gives him his last cow.

After the war is over, Bartek comes back home. He spends most of his time in the local inn, where he elaborates on the battles he fought. Despite his merits for the Kingdom of Prussia, his family’s indebtedness continues to grow.

One day, Franek comes back from school in tears. He complains that the teacher called him a “Polish pig” and turned out the classroom. Outraged Bartek immediately goes to see the teacher, but the one calls him a “Polish boor”. In reply, Bartek catches him in half and puts in a nearby water barrel. Luckily for the teacher, his neighbours are there to help him. They lunge at Bartek, but he, a man with extraordinary posture, manages to fight back. The whole village comes to aid him as the fight transforms into a bitter duel between the Poles and the Germans. The case becomes publicised by the press, heroizing the „hounded” German teacher and leading to Bartek’s incarceration.

German parliamentary election takes place soon afterwards. Mrs. Jarzyńska, a young heir, is involved in agitation for her husband. On her way for a meeting with the peasants, she talks with Magda, who asks her for help. Mr. and Mrs. Jarzyński pay the bail and Bartek is conditionally discharge of probation.

Many guests await election’s results at Jarzyński’s mansion. A priest brings a bad news: the peasants who were on war, were forced to vote for the German candidate Szulberg.

Magda, harassed by Just, looks for help at Jarzyński’s family. The heir, occupied with his wife, forgets about the word he gave to help save Słowik’s farm, hence the family needs to leave the house. They pray at a roadside cross. Bartek takes a handful of ground from his hometown with him.

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