• Kraj: Polska
  • Rok produkcji: 1934
  • Premiera: 22 XII 1934

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Pierwowzór literacki
dramat Jana Adolfa Hertza Młody las
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Mieczysław Cybulski, Adam Brodzisz, Witold Zacharewicz, Maria Bogda, Stefan Jaracz, Kazimierz Junosza-Stępowski , Bogusław Samborski, Michał Znicz, Tekla Trapszo, Maria Balcerkiewiczówna, Władysław Walter, Jonas Turkow, Alina Halska, Antoni Bednarczyk, Kazimierz Pawłowski, Wiktor Biegański, Paweł Owerłło, Amelia Rotter-Jarnińska, Maria Zarębińska, Stanisław Daniłowicz, Jan Szymański, Władysław Surzyński, Jerzy Kobusz, Leszek Pośpiełowski, Eugeniusz Koszutski, Helena Sulima , Józef Orwid, Bronisław Lipski, Aleksander Buczyński, Mieczysław Bil-Bilażewski, Saturnin Żórawski, Tadeusz Fijewski, Feliks Żukowski, Stefan Szczuka, Antoni Adamczyk, Michał Halicz, Józef Małgorzewski, Ziutek Kudła, Zbigniew Koczanowicz
  • Treść

The action is set in 1905 in a male single-sex middle school. A revolt against the tsarist institution and Russian pedagogues arises among the senior students. Antek Majewski becomes the leader of the young rebellion. His friend Janek Walczak has problems with learning. His mother visits the school to talk with his teacher, but he is not willing to have that conversation. School’s head teacher finds hostile handouts in the corridor. He comes down on Kiernicki, a Polish teacher who collaborates with the invader. Wanda Lityńska, a girl from a female single-sex middle school, collects the handouts. On her way home, she is accosted by an informer who tries to whip her briefcase off. Kiernicki’s son, Stefan, comes to her rescue. At first, the girl seems to be suspicious but after a few meetings, they fall in love with each other. Wanda’s friends resent her for hanging out with informer’s son.

At a French lesson, students take advantage of Prof. Attenot’s forgetfulness by messing with him: someone draws his caricature on the board, a few others slip away to the toilet to have a cigarette. Outraged Attenot sends for the head teacher, who has a talk with the students. As he leaves, students apologise the professor. The touched Attenot bid them off warmly.

During a romantic walk with Wanda in Łazienki, Stefan expresses his criticism towards his peers engaged in undercover activity. He also mocks Wanda’s commitment in the underground. In the meantime, Zofia Strońska, a dance teacher in the female single-sex middle school, elaborates on the matter of patriotic aspects of the January Uprising in the course of her classes. At the news of gendarmerie’s visit in the school, all the students come back to study dance steps. An officer questions Strońska on the matter of her lectures on the history of Poland.

On a history lesson in the male single-sex middle school, Walczak and his friends rebel against the superintendent Pakotin, who introduces them a Russian vision of the European history at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. The head teacher expels Walczak from the classes. At a staff meeting, it is decided that the young man has to publically apologise to Pakotin, otherwise he will be expelled from the school with a wolf ticket. Janek refuses to subordinate. His mother is called in for a talk. Later on she begs his son to change his mind. In the next day, the boy faints when facing the whole class to admit his guilt. Antek strikes Stefan with his hand, as the latter has all the time been on Pakotin’s side. Young students boo him. Stefan seeks understanding from Wanda, but she does not want to know him. He tries to commit suicide at home, but his father stops him by whipping the gun off his hand. The young man says he hates his father, as the latter promises to revenge the harm his son suffered.

On a secret meeting, students discuss launching a strike. Pakotin spies on them and calls for gendarmerie to intervene. Stefan discovers the jeopardy and beats Pakotin to the state of unconsciousness. Then he alarms his schoolmates with a message thrown by the window. Despite a firefight, he manages to get out. The next day, at an emergency school assembly, the head teacher demands the person who beat Pakotin to step forward. Stefan admits his guilt, as the other students join him.

At a youth gathering Antek has an address in which he appeals for a strike in the name of independent Polish school. Russian students endorse those demands. A group of girls from the female middle school also attend the meeting. Wanda is cheerful that Stefan is one of the members of the strike committee. They all sing and come out onto the street.

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