• Kraj: Polska
  • Rok produkcji: 1938
  • Premiera: 5 V 1938

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Alina Żeliska, Feliks Żukowski, Maria Żabczyńska, Czesław Skonieczny, Helena Zarembina, Artur Socha, Władysław Grabowski, Jerzy Kobusz, Stanisław Grolicki, Henryk Rzętkowski, Wanda Siemaszkowa, Stefan Szczuka, Nina Polakówna, Elżbieta Ścibor, Jan Tomasik, Ewa Szałajska, Wiesia Świątnicka
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Janek and Halina are a young loving couple. They live in the country but want to move to the city to earn better money and learn a different kind of life. They move to Halina’s sister – Zocha, who expects a child. Karol, Zocha’s husband, finds Janek a job in construction. One day, after the payout, friends get Janek out to a bar, and later to some obscure corners of the city, where they keep company to street girls. The night party brings Janek a disease. He is distressed and goes to the doctor but, being so much ashamed of himself, he flees from before the door and confides in Karol, who turns out to have similar health issues and convinces Janek to visit a quack. Janek regains faith in his own recovery and starts planning a wedding with Halina.

In the meantime Zocha gives birth to a stillborn. It brings her and her husband into mourning. Janek is terrified, he believes he can put Halina at risk because of the sickness he caught. The grief pushes him to threw himself under the car, but the driver manages to brake sharply. Janek regains consciousness in the hospital and soon gets better.

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